A Compliance Management System (CMS) is the backbone of your department and an integral tool in mitigating compliance risk.   Tone from the top conveys the risk appetite and compliance focus for the entire institution.

“Raise the bar” on your institution’s CMS by joining us on Wednesday, May 22nd for an informative presentation providing information on risk identification, assessment, monitoring, and reporting to the various key stakeholders.   Be sure your senior leadership is on the right page!   This will be a VIRTUAL ONLY event – log on early for networking opportunities!

We are also “raising the bar” with some helpful DACA website changes.  Thank you for your patience as we worked through this process.

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Topic:  From the Top Down

The Critical Role of Senior Leadership in Compliance Management

Presenter:  Justin Muscolino

Date:  May 22, 2024

Time:  12:00 noon

Location:  Virtual ONLY
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Happy New Year DACA Members!

Welcome to 2024, where we will be “raising the bar” for our members through a variety of avenues including a rotational approach to general meetings to maximize peer networking opportunities while minimizing out of office travel, a “March Meet-Up” event, and of course our continued commitment to bringing you the most up-to-date compliance information from industry expert speakers through general meetings as well as a comprehensive full-day conference in the fall.

Please see the 2024 DACA Calendar within for virtual vs. live designations and mark your calendar for our key dates!  2024 will be busy between preparations for CRA Modernization, DFA Section 1071, Fair Banking, etc.  We strive to “raise the bar” for our members individually and professionally, your institution, and as a result across the industry.

Topic:  Top HMDA Issues

Presenter:  Kimberly Boatwright

Date:  January 24th 2024

Time:  ** 12:15 PM **

Location:  Virtual ONLY

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Deadline for registration or cancellation is 1/17/2024.