Who We Are

Our History

The saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and that is exactly what inspired the creation of the Dallas Area Compliance Association (DACA)

In 1990, one of our founding members, Pat Gaynor, needed some help with a compliance question. No one was available in her department or in the legal department, and it was not a question she wanted to “breeze by” the regulators.  So, she called a friend in compliance at another bank and asked her opinion.  Not only did she help with the answer, but she helped formulate a plan for the creation of a local compliance network.


Pat made a few phone calls, called a meeting of compliance professionals in the Dallas area, and our compliance network was formed. The original group included some familiar people—Kay Leaks, Diane McCartney, Jim Henning, and Ed Warner.


Our goals were simple:

Share knowledge and information

Develop industry contacts

Have fun (dreamers!!!)


We did not stay small for very long. After only a year, our group had grown so much we decided we needed to be able to collect and handle money, hire speakers, meet in bigger facilities and hold annual compliance conferences. Thus, the “birth” of DACA, Inc., a non-profit company. We now had a framework for knowledge and information. We also had an entity that would survive the individual leaders of the organization.


We are excited that our membership is now in the 100+ range, representing more than 70 institutions and compliance-related businesses, such as consultants, information technology, etc. DACA members cover the North Texas area ranging from McKinney, Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas, Terrell and even as far as San Antonio!


If you haven’t done so, make plans now to be a part of DACA.

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